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Regardless of age, people with narcolepsy have unrelenting sleepiness

- Regardless of age, people with narcolepsy have unrelenting sleepiness, fluctuating in severity but always present. Nightmares and sleep paralysis are characteristic of narcolepsy but not specific to it. The new Epworth Sleepiness Scale for Children and Adolescents can help in the subjective evaluation of excessive daytime sleepiness, but a high score would not be specific to narcolepsy. The International Classification of Sleep Disorders-3 requires overnight polysomnography followed by a daytime Multiple Sleep Latency Test in the evaluation of narcolepsy, but short, not prolonged, sleep latency (ie, ≤8 minutes) is indicative of narcolepsy.
Which of the following medications treats both excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) and cataplexy in children and adolescents with narcolepsy?

A - Armodafinil

B - Clomipramine

C - Sodium oxybate

D - Solriamfetol

Answer (C)
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